Located in the heart of the emerging East Cobb neighborhood dining scene, Seed Kitchen & Bar combines a modern playful approach to American cuisine in an atmosphere as casual as it is stylish. The seasonal menu reflects the ingredients and hard work of local farmers and artisans whenever possible, in combination with an uncompromising pursuit of quality, all beautifully presented. Chef & Owner Doug Turbush has transplanted his many years of big city cooking, worldwide travels, culinary accolades and guest focused service to his own neighborhood of East Cobb, where he and his family have lived for the past 15 years.

“Seed is a place where families, friends and neighbors can meet to enjoymodern comfort food, unpretentious and attentive service, in a sleek setting at an excellent value. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the people of East Cobb making life long memories right here in our restaurant.”

Chef & Owner // Doug Turbush

A notable enthusiasm for bold experiences in food and life characterizes Seed Kitchen & Bar’s Executive Chef & Owner, Doug Turbush.

Chef Doug’s desire to learn every aspect of the restaurant business led him to a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the University of Wisconsin in Stout, and later to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, graduating with honors from both universities. He completed his internship at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, and also spent two months completing an Intensive Spanish Immersion Course in Monterrey, Mexico.

Upon graduating from the CIA, a move to Minneapolis opened the doors to a position at Goodfellows, a restaurant by celebrity chef Stephen Pyles, where he got his first taste of Latin and Asian inspired American cooking. Next was a move to Bangkok, Thailand, where he cooked both professionally and recreationally for more than a year. Chef Doug describes the experience as a great personal learning era, as he was surrounded by new flavors and cooking techniques with thousands of years of history.

Chef Doug joined the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in 1999 as chef de tournant at Nava under Chef Kevin Rathbun and for the opening of Bluepointe. He was promoted to Executive Chef at Nava in 2001, where he energized the kitchen with his passion for Latin and South American cuisine. In 2005, he accepted the position of Executive Chef at Bluepointe where he further developed his disciplined style, passion for bold flavors, fresh local ingredients and beautiful presentations – all trademarks of his cooking at Seed Kitchen & Bar today.

In his latest venture, he takes on modern American cuisine in a neighborhood setting. Chef Doug explains, “Seed is a place where families and friends will meet to enjoy modern comfort food, unpretentious service, a sleek setting and excellent value. Sourcing locally has been core to my approach to food since I began cooking. I want to create a fun neighborhood restaurant with a reasonably priced menu, interesting cocktails, and great wine and beer programs." Making the most of locally available produce and natural ingredients, he devotes a great deal of attention to sourcing the finest ingredients possible and an ever-changing seasonal menu.

Chef Doug resides in Marietta and enjoys spending time with his wife, Pranee, originally from Bangkok, Thailand, and son, Jack, born in June 2002. In his leisure time, he enjoys music, dining out and traveling.

managing partner // jason raymond

Jason Raymond’s passion for hospitality and wine fused when he became general manager and sommelier for chef and restaurateur Doug Turbush’s Seed Kitchen & Bar and Stem Wine Bar. He then took on a new role as managing partner of the latest restaurant in Turbush’s ever-expanding empire, Drift Fish House & Oyster Bar, calling on hospitality management skills that he was seemingly born with.

“My parents owned a restaurant, so I grew up in this business and truly enjoy it," Raymond says. "Training staff in the ways of genuine hospitality is very rewarding. And I love the entertainment value of wine; the way it brings people together.”

Raymond’s formal hospitality career began in 2002 after he earned a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and a master’s degree from Switzerland's Centre International de Glion. He spent three years as a private dining and restaurant manager at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, before moving to The Breakers, where he discovered his passion for wine under the tutelage of master sommelier Virginia Philip. “That’s really where I fell in love with wine,” he says. In 2008, Raymond opened the City Fish Market in Boca Raton for the Buckhead Life Group before relocating to Atlanta to become the beverage manager for Bluepointe. A year later, he was hired by Turbush and finally got the opportunity to combine his management experience and his knowledge of wine as general manager and sommelier for Seed Kitchen & Bar and Stem Wine Bar.

At Drift, Raymond’s mission was to execute Turbush’s vision of a chef-driven restaurant featuring an approachable menu of creative, sustainable seafood offerings, locally sourced produce, wood-fired specialties, quality meats, house-made desserts, modern cocktails, craft beer and wine. As sommelier, he focused heavily on whites and lighter reds to complement the seafood, along with "some really cool sparkling wines by the glass," he says. “Many people have been drinking wine their whole lives but don’t know much about them—maybe just one particular wine they really enjoy. For some, trying new wines can be very intimidating. I like being able to broaden their horizons about what they’re drinking and hopefully introduce them to new and unique wines they will love.”

We are now excited to welcome him back to Seed as managing partner!

Executive Chef // John Flagello

It’s easy to spot executive chef John Flagello in the kitchen at Seed Kitchen & Bar or Stem Wine Bar. He's the one most likely to be smiling from ear to ear as he puts the finishing touches on a dish or offers a word of encouragement or advice to one of the line cooks. It’s the smile of a man who loves what he does and has had the good fortune to work at it since he was 15 years old.

For Flagello, food has been a lifelong pursuit. “I remember being 7 or 8, watching my grandmother making an authentic Italian dinner and being really interested in how it all came together,” he says.

As a teenager, it was an apprenticeship program offered through his high school that really set Flagello on his career path. Soon, he was learning the ropes at Coosa Country Club, and the future chef was hooked. “I love the high stress and intensity of being in a kitchen and the camaraderie of working with the cooks on the line. There’s a sense of unity that's very much like a family.”

Flagello went on to graduate from culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, South Carolina, then honed his trade at some of the city's best restaurants, including Grill 225, Tristan and Cypress. Upon returning to Georgia, he spent three years at Barnsley Gardens Resort, working at Rice House and Woodlands Grill. Flagello made his way to Marietta in 2005, eventually joining Doug Turbush’s team at Seed.

In his executive chef role overseeing the kitchen for both restaurants, Flagello is excited to be executing Turbush’s vision of modern American cuisine made with high-quality ingredients in a welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere. After nearly 20 years spent in hospitality, he still gets a thrill out of working in the kitchen just as much as he did as a teenager.

“I love the creativity and the finesse of composing a dish, plating it up, explaining to the other cooks on the line why you’re doing it the way you are,” he says. “I love walking out at the end of the night knowing I’ve done my best and that I can feel proud of what I’ve done. And obviously, there’s knives and fire involved,” he says with a laugh, “so it’s a lot of fun. There’s never a dull moment.”

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